Looking for Cohesion3D config guide

Hi All.

Anyone know where to find the conifg guide? All links through google take me to malware sites since cohesion3d site is no longer up. Thanks in advance.

Check this topic

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there’s a special version of smoothieware software which allows clustering gcode’s. You need it installed on the cohesion3d board OR a smoothiware compatible board (it’s what I use). After that it’s just a config files which needs to be changed for your laser. If you need more info, pm me and I can find all the relevant information for you including firmware and config files. I always knew cohesion3d was a bad idea so I’m glad I never re-installed there board


This will get you a firmware.bin and a config file
SmooChanges.zip.txt (42.0 KB)
and this is the source changes needed for clustering

Thank you sir. Will give it a try this weekend

You have it here on Ghithub:

Also check this topic Latest Smoothie Clustering firmware for Smoothieboard v1.1? - Smoothie - Maker Forums