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Hi all,
I’m still having some issues i’m trying to sort with Cloudray after upgrading my LPS & Tube with their parts.
One thing I’ve looked through and i’m not sure are right is the laser settings I have.

These are found under edit-machine settings, open up the vendor settings and accept the warning, scroll right to the bottom and I see ‘laser settings’ my max and min power are what i’ve set to not overpower the tube. The PWM hz is set to 100 which seems low to me but I have nothing to compare too. And the pulse time is 1200ms.

Can anybody with a similar co2 set up please advise what their laser settings show? The controller is a topwisdom & it’s a MW100 LPS.

UPDATE, OLD THREAD CLOSED: After speaking with cloudray they advised me to try and up the Laser Hz to 20kHz. I can’t do this as it seems lightburn only wants me to enter 1-100, more like it’s set up as a % field rather than a general input. Can anybody from LB confirm if this is correct or if I should be able to input 20,000 into the field?

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Do you have a dsp license?

I don’t know about Topwisdom controllers, mine is a Ruida.

The standard pwm frequency is 20kHz.

I wonder if you have the wrong controller configured… I doubt that the Topwisdom controller is only capable of 100Hz…

@JohnJohn can probably help here… hang in there…

My pulse duration isn’t in the controller settings, it’s via the console… mine is 10mS…


Yeah the topwisdom controller appears to be the oddball thing here. I’m sure Ruida would work just fine but everything states the two should be compatible.

You can tell the timing of the firing is just way off, at high speeds nothing looks clean. Doing offset adjustment yes can line them up when bi directional scanning but there’s also always a ‘dot’ fires at the start before going off and back on for a line. I think offset adjustment just helps to mask underlying issues. The only way I can use any type of fill it has to be offset fill so it’s not firing off/on each line.

I’ve already spent a lot upgrading to the new LPS and tube, didn’t want to spend another £400+ on ruida controller when this one should work.

I’ll check tonight but I believe when going into the settings on the controller I found a 20kHz setting which looked correct at 20kHz. This has made me question if it’s a lightburn to topwisdom issue…
However the tool did work fine for etching when it was 50w before I upgrade to 90W and new LPS. Which may disprove lightburn-topwisdom settings.

Difficult one…

What’s the model number on the Topwisdom controller?

I’d hate to hazard a guess for the 100 Hz.

They didn’t offer a manual with the laser did they?

At the engrave speed you were using, what’s the length of the dot and the length of the gap. That would give us the on/off time and might point us at new things to look at.

Do you have a data sheet or manual for the new LPS? Maybe there’s something there about the PWM input side.

Hi John,

The TopWisdom is a TL410-C

LPS is a Cloudray M100 (Seems to be a fairly standard LPS and cloudray have just put their own sticker on)

There’s no manual, any info online is pretty basic.

At 24K with no offset adjustment here’s the results. It’s about 4.1mm offset, and the dot before the line where you can see the laser has went on/off/on measures around 0.5mm but it’s very hard to be accurate beyond that in my garage.

If the lines are not shorter than requested the scanning offset is expected.

The leading dot is unusual. What Speed and % Power was this engraved at? I am curious if it happens at low power only.

Please open the Cuts / Layers window and double click to open the layer settings. Please capture that window. I’d like to look at Lead-in, tabs and dot mode to make sure it’s nothing too obvious before the next steps.

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