Mirror alignment. 80w CO2 laser red/Black Ruida controller

even though laser fires it is only a small hole, not a strong fire if you like

will try and align mirrors next, your thoughts on this… Sam

If you’re seeing reduced power as compared to before that seems reasonable. It should be fairly easy to validate if your alignment is off.

Test at bottom of nozzle then work backwords one mirror at a time. Make sre all pulses are dead center at each step.

will try and align mirrors within next week and come back to you with results. Ciao Sam

. Hi BerainlB… Another task for you. Mirror alignment…
Started to try and align my mirrors. first off all lowered the power to 15% , turned water flow on, tested pulse on flat bed first on plastic, pulse fired ok. set mirror to 1st position and covered lens, pulse fires ok in centre of tape and looked good,
removed tape and taped second mirror, pulse fires but only on first mirror, checked everything again, but still only fires on first mirror, removed tape and tried firing over bed through down pointing laser, and it fires ok, nothing between two and three positions, any thoughts Sam

I’m having a difficult time following your tests and the results.

When you say flat bed here, are you saying that you fired the laser as normal, the laser passing over the bed, into the laser head, down through the lens tube and onto the bed?

What do you mean by setting the mirror? And what is 1st position?

Does covering the lens here mean you put tape at the bottom of the nozzle?

How do you know the first mirror is being hit?

What does down pointing laser mean here?

What are two and three positions here?

In general, I’ll say that it will be difficult to cover approach for mirror alignment through this forum as it’s a very visual and nuanced process. I’d suggest searching for some good instructional videos and circling back here for specific problems.

Hi Berainlb … put a piece of masking tape over first mirror at he the end of the laser tube being the first mirror, when you fire a pulse it burns a hole in the middle of masking tape. if correct in the middle, if not correct to one side or another, then you must adjust screws before going to second mirror, the laser beam bounces of the mirrors and down through the laser tube,
There are many views on you tube at least 100 on how to adjust your laser mirrors, first one being at the exit of the laser tube.
I went through all these procedures and got to this point where i am now… easy if you take a look on youtube, How to adjust my mirrors on my CO2 laser

In that case can you rearticulate your current state? A diagram might be easier to follow.

Hi Berainlb… Here are some diagrahms,
Position 1 at the end of the laser tube showing tape on mirror laser fired centre of tape, Good shot where i want it.
Position 2bottom lh corner of machine, laser fired no mark on tape,
position 3 on bed of machine laser fired through all 3 mirrors to laser head and tape marked with fire point.
Point… when laser is fired through laser head a fire through laser is seen on bed, Tape showing Pulse/ Fire hopefully this helps…

When laser is fired through position 1 mark is made on tape
when laser is fired through mirrors 2 and 3 no mark is made on tape, so impossible to adjust alingment from this…

position 2 and 3

What are you referring to when you indicate “position”? Is that referring to position of laser head in reference to the frame or are you referring to position of tape location?

I’m having a very difficult time following your descriptions. Are you able to label the photos?

Also, I want to make sure I generally understand what you’re seeing. Are you saying that you cannot get burn marks on tape located at M2 and M3 but you’re somehow able to get a focused laser out of the bottom of the nozzle? If so, I’m not following how that would be physically possible.

I hadn’t expected you to approach this as a full realignment of the laser. I thought you were going to identify and adjust based on potential misalignment caused by the crashes.

In any case, it’s unlikely that the laser is disappearing. It’s likely just not going where you expect. When testing at M2, place a much larger sheet of paper or something similar across the entire plane that the laser could pass through. Identify where the laser is going other than the mirror. If you still cannot find it then bring the paper closer and closer to M1 until it becomes apparent.

Hi Berainlb… I am getting confused with this laser.
Took all the tapes of the mirrors . shut the laser down and it reset smoothly back to its homing position with no problems or noise, sensor light came on in home position, so i know its sitting in right spot.
Hit the pulse button to see if it still fired, and it fired on the first mirror at the end of laser tube. I haven’t seen this before, a pulse, laser beam on the mirror itself, Very confused, moved laser head to Centre of bed and tried pulse again and it fired a pulse on the first mirror…

Does your first mirror still look like this?

If so, then if I was aligning this I would move the mirror slightly back and also up a smidgeon to get the burn in the middle;

Although…if you are already getting a burn out of the nozzle, it might be better not to start a full alignment - since once you start realigning the mirrors it’s is opening a whole new can of worms!

Desperate to fix it, almost there but not quite, have to replace two sensors on x and y axis, waiting on delivery, i will take your thoughts

Back off the power for alignments and setup. If you blow a hole through the target, it burns away most of the relevant information.

Are you sure you’re tube is running in TEM00 mode? The targets appear to look like a doughnut.


Thank you for your reply Jack, I have set the min and max power at 14% on my Ruida control panel.
I am sorry but I don’t understand what TEMOO mode is, I have been trying to realign the laser after the frst major crash and this is where i am at now your help is most appreciated. Sam

13% power

I this perpendicular to the tubes output or is this on a 45 deg angle?


hi Jack this was perpendicular to the tube