Need help with diode laser and Laseraxe CNC min board

Just got a Laseraxe CNC Mini board and a 7w TTL laser. Lightburn crashes everytime i try find my laser and the controls don’t work well. If I jig the laser module it stays in busy mode and I have to push stop each time. any help would be greatly appreciated…

Mac OSX Mojave

In looking at the Laseraxe website, it says “Grbl Controller firmware”. Can you confirm what firmware version you have on this controller please?

You can also try to setup using the manual method. If your firmware is Grbl 1.1F or later, choose GRBL during process. If earlier firmware, consider flashing with latest or use GRBL-M3 during setup.

This is also worth a read as it talks about updating firmware, understanding Coordinates Origin, and Common Grbl Setups. Found by searching for “laseraxe”.

When you say:

LightBurn should not crash. Did you get an error message or crash report you can send along? Can you duplicate this crash? Please send any crash reports to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com along with a description of what you were doing when it crashed. The more you can share the better. :slight_smile:

it has Grbl 0.8, new to this so not sure how to update the firmware. LaserAxe site is no help

Try manual setup with the GRBL-M3 device. LightBurn has only been tested with GRBL versions back to 0.9, and was designed for use with 1.1f or later.