Neje Head on Ortur Laser Master

Hey Guys, im planning to buy a Neje Laser Head. Actually i own a Ortur Laser Master 2 with a 15w head.

I just want to replace the head, is the Neje Head working out of the box?

Heres the Link of the Neje Head

@LightBurn can you mabye fastly reply?

Out of the box, the short answer is No. The Neje module has a 4 wire plug and the Ortur has a 3 wire plug. If you are able to do some easy rewiring, than yes they will work together. You would have to splice Red-Red, Black-Black, and White-Yellow. Green is not needed per the listing.

Here is a topic on adding the larger Neje modules to the Ortur, may not be the same module you are looking at, but covers the rewiring needed.

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