Neje LM 2 // 7 W // 170*170 // Location Problems after Homing

Good Morning,
so i tried to get my Neje LM2 (non S!) 7W with Firmware 7.1 ans GRBL 1.1f to work with lightburn.
At first, all worked as i followed the tutorial from northlakeswoodwork and all testing went fine.

As my Board is Version 12 and has auto-Homing enabled on the Board i followed the tutorial for the Neje 2S - Step by Step. As said above. All worked fine.

When i put my Device at Homepoint manually it shows me X0 Y0 when i get coordinates from device.
When i finished a job it returns to Home and then Shows X0 Y170 and trys to move over the border.

As i was googling for this issue i found Workarounds but none really worked.
What i already tried was to make a new Profile with Home in the Back Left and one with the Front left. Issue happens with both settings. I downloaded both Custom Settings for the LM 2S and the LM 2 from mentioned tutorial. As my board is newer i may have the Problem there.

G92 X0 Y0 won’t work either after manually homing it. It still shows X0 Y170

I dont think it’s an issue from the Board or anything else cause it works fine in the neje Software.

I will add my Settings later as the Software is on my other machine - but maybe someone already has an idea what else i can try.

I also looked at this topic Link to Topic but the answer does not really Help as i tried that like mentioned above

Have a great Saturday and thank you in Advance!

Found a work around thanks to a FB Group
It’s just some small fixes in the Settings and G10 L2 P1 X0 Y170 in to the console if your stuck at Y:170 affter Homing as it was with my machine.

I think you have other problem(s) even though this may be a good workaround for now. Aside from a bug…

If you send it a home command, such as startup and it does a home command via manual entry or in the gcode stream or whatever … the same results will occur… it will load x and y to zero. So someone/thing is putting that 170mm Y offset there, probably via the gcode.

Some things to check is that Light Burn knows your home position and that the direction bits are set properly for homing. The direction bits may not be an option if there are not stops at both ends of each axis and/or it home properly.

I’d bet on a a configuration issue… Double check both Light Burn and your controller configuration.

P.S. Hopefully you kept a copy of what worked before in the other software… (8’)

Good luck, dinners up, gotta run…

I have the exact same problem with the 2S Plus. I’ve done all you did and nothing has worked. Since mine is 255 x 440, initially I changed x and y to 250 in all areas just to be safe. All works with these exceptions: when you hit home, Lightroom says 0 in all cordinances but if you “get location” LR updates they Y coordinance to -255. Also, if you stop a job and try again without rebooting the laser, it starts about 30mm farther away from home only in the y position. X is fine. Also origin si always in the bottom left and home is in the top right. You can get them to move anywhere you want in machine and device settings but NEVER all in the same position! I face the machine with the controller on the right and would prefer to have origin AND home on the top left as you face the machine with the controller on the right so that you are seeing on your PC: a landscape version of 255x440 with both home and origin in the top right corner. This has not been possible for me. I just bought the software today not knowing these subsequent issues existed. I can only run a job now by rebooting the laser, getting the machine’s updated and now accurate coordinances back into LR and starting over. Not very efficient and very annoying unfortunately. I would gladly pay for machine and device setting files that work for the NEJE Master 2S Plus! But it seems no one has been able to work this out yet!

@NEJE_Laser, can you please offer some troubleshooting steps to help diagnose and resolve this issue? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, sorry didn’t have much time to respond.

I also fixed stuff in my Machine Settings. I need to find the PDF again that was provided in t hat FB Group.
I didn’t have any problems with the homings since but i still have some issues with other Settings in Lightburn i could not figure out yet i am afraid.

Sharing that PDF would be great, and if you tell us what this other issues you are experiencing, we might have some suggestions to resolve. Let’s trade! :wink:

Back! Had a rough and busy week - sorry for the delayed response.
So, I can’t give out the PDF as the author doesn’t reply buuuuut. I simply copy the Changes made in Settings:

First Step:
Make a Profile for the Neje Master 2 - Home Position REAR LEFT

Second Step go to Machine Settings and Change the Parameters:

Property Value

  1. Status Position reporting ($10) Workspace Position
  2. Homing Cycle (22) True (this step mentioned in the Neje pdf)
  3. Homing feed rate (slow) (mm/min) ($24) 50.00
  4. Homing seek rate (fast) (mm/min) ($25) 3000.00

And Also:
Click on the Outputs setup to expand the device settings
5. Y Step pin invert ($2) False
6. Y Direction pin invert ($3) False
7. Y Homing direction invert (23) True

Don’t forget to write them to the controller.
If your Device Shows “X 0 - Y 170” when you get the position from the Machine Type:

G10 L2 P1 X0 Y170 in the Console
If it shows something different from “Y170” Replace the 170 in the Code to the Coordinate Shown by the Machine.

So - that fixed the homing, but it still feels like I got some Issues with the Settings. Would it be okay if I just put a Screenshot of the Settings here or should i open another Thread?

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Thank you and Yes, please. Post here.

Once these changes can be confirmed to work, might be nice to then pull together a post that covers this in instructional steps as you have for the homing. A “Neje Setup” thing, maybe a FAQ. But I am getting ahead of myself.