Neje N30820 Laser Module

So the yellow marked(red wire) is 24V coming from ortur , blue marked(black wire) is ground wire and green marked(white wire) is PWM/TTL , am I right sir ?

If yes, then I should connect only blue and green marked wire to their respective slots and exclude the red wire and then connect the 12V 2A adapter directly to the board and this should make the machine and laser work , right ?

Also, just curious to know that what if I connect only TTL/PWM(white wire) to this board ? Will it still work ? Actually I don’t know the working and role of ground wire so that’s why asking!
Also there is a seperate fork shaped wire is given(in the above image, above the text 24V, enclosed in cello tape) that is to be attached to one of the four screws like this

This is also a ground wire, so am I supposed to connect both ground wire or only one or no one at all ?

Most likely, yes. You should actually check those on the Ortur side to make sure what it coming out of the controller matches. Or use a volt meter to check.

Yes. But if you do it this way you really need to do this cleanly. You don’t want a live 24V dangling around. You should remove on both ends of the cable and actually insulate the connector and secure it so it’s not loose or remove that line entirely.

If you can get a dedicated 2-wire connector going to the 2 pins on A then that would be even better.

You will need TTL/PWM and Ground. And that will work fine.

Connect it as it’s shown in the picture. The other side of the wire should be connected on the side of the gantry. This is for bonding the chassis and is necessary for static discharge. You may need to get a separate wire for.

You can get more details here about grounding the Ortur:
Ortur – Ortur Laser Master Grounding – Ortur

I got an electrician to check that through voltmeter and the volt in black and red wire was 22-24V but I didn’t check the white TTL wire. Should I get it checked as well ?

This is how you mean ?

Normally you’d need to figure out which was providing positive voltage but I think you’re okay in this case. TTL is most likely white.

Yes, exactly.

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Sir can you suggest me or send me the link on any such connector ? Since I don’t know even what is it called or even by what name should I search it on google.

And, as I have seen on yt, neje doesn’t use that fork shaped ground wire in their machines but ortur does, and here I’m connecting Neje or ortur, so should I still connect it ?

You don’t need to change connectors or buy a new cable. Use whatever cable you have (in the photo).

Cut both ends of the 12v line, near the connectors, and it will just ‘peel’ off, leaving you with a correctly polarized plug with the proper control lines sans the 12v.

It stays in the original 3 pin connector.


I’m not certain but this looks like JST PH2 connector. You can confirm with Neje. This may not necessarily match the Ortur side of things.

Yes. Still connect it. This can prevent issue with static discharge. The module manufacturer is irrelevant.

Okay, so I just checked this is the board of ortur and the blue marked cables are connected to the main 24V board where adapter connects and the yellow marked cable goes towards the laser module and I have disconnected the red power carrying cable from both side

Now I guess I don’t need any seperate connector to the connect to that board since I have took out the red cable, right ?
Also, as marked with red arrow, the power written is 12V then why did it show 22-24V in voltmeter ?

I don’t know how/where or when you measured that. Somewhere it’s getting 24v…


I actually got an electrician to the house and he only checked the voltage through voltmeter, which was 22-24V.

Should have asked the

when he was there.


He came to check 3 days ago and I didn’t know that it’s 12V mentioned on the board at then. This I checked today only.
But since the adapter was 24V so I thought the voltage is proper. But seeing 12V written on the board I got confused.
Also, I’m not aware much of this voltage current. :sweat_smile:

Because the Ortur board provides 24V. It doesn’t matter what is written on the laser adapter board. That is just what is expected for that adapter.

Remember, the whole reason you’re in this position is because Ortur is providing 24V. Laser module is expecting 12V. So you put 24V to the expected 12V input. That should keep it straight in your mind.

Yes. But do not leave that wire just dangling there. Either remove it or insulate and secure it so that there’s no chance of a short.

You’re correct in that it’s not actually deliberately connected and is not carrying current. However, as a matter of practice you do not want potentially conductive components, especially ones that are designed for the purpose and so close to other conductive areas, to simply be loosely hanging around. Your machine is going to be moving rapidly and the possibility that the lead happens to simply touch something else is very real.

So either remove the line or insulate the ends and secure it with a zip tie or something so that it’s not loose. Do this for both ends.

Yes sir, I’ll definitely do that. And thank you so very much to you sir and sir @jkwilborn for helping me out and clearing all the things.
Can I have any of your contact like social media or discord ? Incase, in future if I get stuck somewhere, I guess you are the only guys who’ll help me out.

I suggest you just come back to this forum in case of future issues.

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well… i’ve not posted here cause i have seen you were followed by a couple of most skilled users in this forum, so my solution was useless cause i would have told you the same things.

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