New Features In LightBurn 1.4

LightBurn 1.4 is officially here and with it comes some exciting new features. In this video, we show off a few of these tools and where they can be found.

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What feature are you most excited for? Who’s using repeat marking already - we want to see your results!

Looking forward to experimenting with the Warp Tool.
Nice addition to an already great software.



We’re eager to hear what you think of it!

A few thing’s I’d like to see with the tool. A 6 point feature (just like the 4 but with points in the middle) and ability to lock a few points together to move them at the same time.

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Great ideas! Are you aware of our site?

I thought this was just for thoughts. I just submitted it.

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Just installed 1.4 and imported the same LB.dxf file as in this attached thread of mine to check if i get the same result as with 1.3.x. and things looks much better so I wonder if any of the bugfixes addressed this issue for making sure i am not missing something here. I will continue checking with other fusion360 dxf files. this is just a preliminary observation.


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@ColinW @micrololin I think you may mean 9 point to get the centre top, bottom, left and right.
I would like to see that also.

I am not seeing the same when I drag the LB.dxf file into version 1.4.00 running on a Mac.

While picking at this file, I do observe what appears to be looped paths and duplicate lines in the original art. You can tell in how the selection marquee looks bolder in some spots and some marching ants are covering others, Used the Node Edit tool to pull apart a few of the paths that make up this design. (pulled apart a few in the image below)

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Interesting Rick and thanks for the analysis. i see what you’re seeing, but not all is similar.

i do see the overlapping segments which are apparently the result of me not cleaning the file before exporting it out from fusion, but still, 1.4 imported it “cleaner” than 1.3. the image attached above is before any processing in lightburn, as-is, just ungrouping and moving some of the duplicated segments which looks to be a bit differerent than at your side.

As a reminder, this is how it looked when importing the same file to 1.3.x:

importing the same file to 1.4:


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I submitted it in the new feature request. Go vote on it and make a comment.

Done. And done for more characters.

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Opening a new window. I do this by having LB icon on my windows action bar and right clicking but this is more conveniet. The warp tool may come into play soon with some tumbler engraving.

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LightBurn 1.4 is a great update that adds a lot of new tools, fixes bugs, and makes the user experience better. Check out the blog for a full list of new features and bug fixes.

I updated lightburn an now I am getting a error code that my work is outside the work area. I am running a atezr p20 and never had this error code before. I can jog to center of waste board but still get some code. Help please so i can get started again tomorrow.

Hi Brian - Generally the best way to avoid this is to switch to Absolute positioning from the Start From mode in the Laser panel.

This warning comes up with you have geometry outside the reachable area of the laser - ensure everything is in a workspace smaller than your machine’s travel, and double check your origin is set correctly if not using Absolute mode.

Hello Colin, I would like love to see a driver / gcode / setup profile that would make LightBurn communicate with UCCNC drivers. I know there are many using these drives with laser out there.
Thanks Marten

Multiple windows feature <3 Before I was creating a new windows desktop to do this. One lil and extremely minor nuisance is when I open a new window after the main/first has been open for a while, it asks me if I want to recover the backup of my main window but I’m loving this feature.

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a generic GCode device profile is in the works!

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