New Lightburn version 1.1 not playing well with xTool D1

When I click on “Frame” the laser turns on during the framing process. Fixed issue by reverting back to previous version.

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I believe this is a new behavior change due to all the complaints of laser not firing during framing. Disable this by turning off the Fire button in Device Settings. You may be able to set power to 0% on Fire button as well but not sure.

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Oh ok, I have a different way of aligning things, but that may come in handy. Thanks!

I have seen this on my GRBL laser as well. Even when I set the fire level to 0.25%. For my workaround I just manually drew a frame in another layer and then have to switch between layer output, but it is a pain.

Turning off the Fire button in Device Settings made the issue go away.

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