New Mac with light burn not picking up laser

Rudia controller
Bodor machine

i have always used mac - my old mac connects and work perfect

brand new mac with light burn installed , not picking up laser machine when trying to add as device .

is there a setting in light burn or mac that preventing this .

i know machine and cables are working fine as able to use on old mac book

There have been numerous issues with connecting to DSP controllers with Macs using USB. The recommended solution is to connect via Ethernet or the new Lightburn Bridge device.



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Just to offer a bit of clarity to Gregg’s post, the issues are related to the Ruida family of controllers. We have not had reports of similar USB communication issues with the other DSP motion control systems we support. :slight_smile: The rest is spot on!

@Rick Thanks for the clarification.

Do the Ryxon KT332N controllers fall into Ruida bucket or do they play nice with USB?

I believe this is a Ruida clone. I find very little definitive and specific information about this unit to confirm. @LightBurn has been working with this hardware, awaiting his feedback.


@Mini268, which device profile did you use to talk to this controller using your old Mac. That should be the same profile to use, but with the newer OS, it looks like they broke the USB comms stuff. As said, we continue to look for resolution. :slight_smile:

Here is a thread from back in June, with some updates worth review.

I just received confirmation, the KT332N controller is a Ruida, just rebranded / white-labeled. :slight_smile:

@Mini268 was the OP with the issue.

Kayla, can you look at Rick’s comments about the profile you were using and reply back to him?


Yes, sorry. I have edited for clarity. Thank you for the assist. :slight_smile:

i don’t use a lightburn bridge

My Mac Book 2015 i cna just connect using my USB and when i go to locate and set up laser it recognises the laser and i can add as a device .

If i plug the same laser into my 2021 mac , it can locate it .

Exactly. The problem is the newer Apple OS was changed in such a way as to break the way Lightburn was communicating with the controllers. This isn’t only affecting you or a few Mac users…it was such a wide spread problem when Lightburn version 1.0 was released that they took the time right then to develop the device now known as the Lightburn Bridge.

The Bridge gets around the MAC/USB issue by communicating over WiFi instead of using the “broken” USB. Every Mac has WiFi built-in so this seemed like a good, relatively low-cost solution that at the same time provided a long sought-after ability to give our lasers WiFi capability.

Since communicating from Macs over USB with our laser’s controllers is still broken, basically that leaves just these three ways to reliably connect a Mac to the Ruida and Ryxon controllers…

  1. Connect using an Ethernet cable. If you have a Mac Pro that doesn’t have an Ethernet port, you can buy an Ethernet to USB adapter like this one.

  2. Purchase a Lightburn Bridge device or use another similar device to connect to your laser wirelessly. Here is the link to purchase a Lightburn Bridge.

  1. Or download Lightburn v 0.9.24 from Lightburn’s website. It will work with your Mac to connect to the laser via USB until you have time to implement either option 1 or 2 but of courseyou won’tbe able to use the newer features that have been implemented. The link to download it is here.

.Release 0.9.24 · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub

Option 4 would be to buy a cheap, perhaps used Windows computer to use just to control your laser.

Sorry, but those are really the only options I’m aware of.

@Rick, do you know if it is possible on a Mac to install and run two versions of Lightburn? Is there anyway to partition them? I’m thinking design with 1.x and communicate with 0.9…just a random thought.

macOS does not make it super clear and tries to avoid running multiple instances of the same app at the same time. The simple answer, rename the app. In this case, you could copy the app and then change that copy name to LightBurn924, or some such. Be careful, as you want to avoid having these instances collide. I have not set up for this, so can’t provide personal results. I would test this to ensure I had a workable workflow.

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