New tile engraving method

According to that chart, my 500 g (1.1 lbs) would only have 7.8 metric tablespoons in it.
Not a chance!

That should be correct. Compress it to take all the air out and would probably be right.

I’ll run with your 10.9g tablespoon … thanks


Fluffed or unfluffed?
I did fluff mine, @Marcus_Wakefield may not have fluffed his.
Don’t think it would really matter much, but may as well have fun with it.

I can’t remember the degree of ‘fluffing’ I’m afraid :rofl:

Thank you ask for your comments tablespoon requirements. I spend the whole afternoon on Sunday remixing Tio2 following Ron’s recommendations. I suspect the table spoon I use do not have enough Ti02. I’ve been pretty through also. I sifted the Ti02 powder before putting in the container with 100ml PVA, 3 x tablespoon of water and 2 drops of hand wash soap. After stirring it using battery operated handheld stirrer I pour it through another sifting filter to get it properly mix and stir again. The end result was the tile engraving patches when Dark colours are still not dark enough. To make sure my diode engraver have no problem I did another engraving using Norton method. It cam out better and black squares are darker. Will try again as soon as I have time. Also after reading feedbacks from all of you I will not give up using Ti02 method. Thank you ! John

Taking my own advice?
Some time ago when I made my last PVA/Titanium mix I decided to make a bulk mix and store it in jars. Seemed like a good idea at the time. This last week I picked up a jar and found that the contents had separated out and the neck of the jar was too small to take my electric mixer. So I gave the mix a good stir, as I thought, and continued to use it. The end result was appalling and covered in streaks and patches where the painted on mix was uneven. Due to the neck size of the jars and knowing that I needed to solve the problem, I purchased a small battery stirrer and spent a good part of an hour trying to use it. It really dose not have enough power so was a waste of time. OK update, I have now removed bits of the stirrer paddle and reduced the drag in the liquid. Seems to work better now and the mix given a good long stir is now working as it should. So here are two of my latest etched tiles plus a pic of the battery stirrer.

Like I said. You must make sure the mix has beem well stirred or end up as I did with yet another bin job. :rage:

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