Numbered Grid Troubles

I am trying to make a grid on my wasteboard for alignment…but I am having the hardest time getting my numbering to fit and be spaced properly. If there a way to have a grid with numbering generated? I would much rather not have to type each number individually and then center it in the square. Thanks!

The way I normally do it is make a single text with the maximum, digit size, so say I’m going to 20, thats 2 digits so I will type 99 in for the text. Then get it all lined up. Once that is done select it and click create array of objects. (You have to put this text on the left most position to start. Then adjust the number of columns and the spacing of the columns and it should create the array from left to right equally spaced for you. Then you will have to retype all the num,bers. There is a way to make it import the numbers from CSV I think but I have not tried this feature yet. I may try that feature today it may save time.

I found these using the search.

And this is worth review: Variable Text Basics - LightBurn Software Documentation and the Grid Array: Modifier Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

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