Only one font from a family of 4 fonts shows up in Lightburn

I have 4 fonts installed under the name Knockout. Only one of the 4 shows up in Lightburn. I’ve included a screenshot of my Font Book. Is there any way to get all 4 to show up?Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 7.31.32 PM

Since we don’t know what kind of computer you have, it’s difficult.

On my linux box, if it’s installed properly, it will show up in Lightburn.

Might be something OS specific.



You confused me…

Is the problem…?

I seem to see them there…?

Where aren’t they?


The 4 fonts from my screenshot are from Font Book. Only one shows up in LB.

On a Mac, fonts have to be installed into Font Book which is what my screenshot is from. Does windows have a similar program?

I just did. Thanks. Font Book is a native Mac app which is what the screenshot is from. They’re installed properly. I can access all 4 from Pages.

Sorry, I’m using a Mac. I can access them from other programs…just not LB.

Michael, can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Lightburn?

Also, can you give any background on this situation? Is this a new font installation? Are you having this issue with any other font?

Also, in case you haven’t already done so, make sure to restart Lightburn after installing new fonts. I’ve noticed that Lightburn doesn’t necessarily immediately pickup newly installed fonts.

I can confirm that I am having a similar issue running LB version 1.0.04 on a MacBook Air Monterey OS Version 12.0.1 on M1 chip. Installing font family Raleway or Gothic A1 with “Light” “Thin” and other variations results in just one type of font in LB while all types are available in other programs. I too have tested on a windows 10 machine and all fonts are available.

Mac Screenshots:

Windows Sreenshot:

Any additional input here? replying to keep thread open

I’m curious if this is related to the other known issues with font handling on Mac. I know that bold fonts are not accessible…

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In particular, this…

Thanks guys! Sucks there isn’t a workaround, but always good to know it’s not just me lol!

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