Ortur 15w just lost its burning power

with just a month of use my ortur master laser 2 15w just cant burn on a tile painted white. it powers on the firing beam is engaging it is focus but it just cant burn even in a 100 percent power!!! this is very frustrating!!!

I think that, with diode lasers, it’s recommended to not use higher than %80 power. Using %100 will shorten the diodes life.
However a month does seem to be very short. Perhaps contact the seller and see if they will replace the laser.

No, that’s not true.

The problem isn’t with using 100% of the power of the diode. After all, the 5V diodes I use on PCBs run at 5V - 100% duty cycle - and can last upwards of half a million hours operation.

The problem is with a 5W diode sold as a 15W.

They use a technique called ‘pumping’ to put far more power into the diode than the maker intended and they fail much sooner than the maker intended - sometimes in as short a period as a handful of hours.

They will still illuminate, so it looks like they’re working, but it’s broken inside.