Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro - problem

I’m having a similar issue.

New machine, just assembled. Initial start up had problems with the red light flashing, finally had a red/blue solid light. Sent the laser home several times…no problems. Now I have the Alarm 9 homing fail after attempting to make my first engraving…

I checked all connection.

Please Advise…

I took the liberty of moving your post to its own thread to help you get a fresh start on troubleshooting. The previous post contained error messages and concise information that points at the solution.

In order to help you effectively we’ll need you to copy and paste the error message and a few surrounding lines of text. If it’s a power supply problem then you’ll need to replace the power supply or the controller board. It could be something else though - so we’ll need some more information to be helpful here.

The initial connection message is useful and of interest because it tells us which firmware revision your Ortur engraver is using and which quirks or changes that may have emerged or been removed in the next revision. Please copy and paste that here as well.

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