Ortur Laser Master 2 several topics, Servo motor loud noise when homing, botched firmware upgrade

Hello, need some help, and insight here!
Have an Ortur Laser Master 2 with the 20 watt laser from Ortur, running Lightburn. I have gotten many hours of excellent performance out of the unit so far, and then trouble began.

  1. The X axis servo motor when homed, would get to the homing position, close the contact with the prox switch and then begin a loud hum.
  2. Thinking maybe this has to do with needing a firmware update, as the installed may be corrupted as we have had a couple of brownouts where I live. I went to the website, Ortur, watched the video, and believe I followed the instructions to upgrade the firmware. Laser would not power up and home, tried a couple of additional times and same. Reading posts on the forums, I see something about running OLF_000.BIN to reformat the laser but cannot find the file.

Am I on the right track here, where can I download the OLF_000.BIN
Would this have anything to do with the servo motor noise??

Thanks for the help!!

Hi Rick, if you type in the search bar (top right) and type ‘Ortur firmware’, i think it’s the 3rd one down, probably what you’re needing.
(The videos, not the rest of it) :+1:
Make sure you ‘unzip’ file
also make sure you press and hold the power button for, i believe it’s 5 seconds, and press the reset ‘while still holding the power button’.
went through it all myself a few months back :thinking: