Ortur Laser Master - Laser not focusing to a dot

Just got my new 20W Ortur Master this week and am running some test cuts, and I can’t get the laser to focus on both axis.

With the laser firing, I try to dial the nob below the laser unit to get a dot, but instead I get a sharp line, long in the X axis, thin on the Y axis.

Not surprisingly, when I cut with this, I get a box with two sharp lines and two very wide lines. The picture below is the best I could do.

I assume this is a hardware problem? Is there someway I can fix this or do I need a replacement laser unit sent to me?

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Here is a video on adjusting the focusing on a diode laser. The machine is not exactly like yours but I do believe the concept remains the same.


The video is a little rough but the information is great.



So I have an issue that the laser doesn’t become a dot but a line when it’s the sharpest, and I don’t see how I can fix that with one degree of freedom to play with.

Sounds like a defect. Can you call the manufacturer or seller? They might be able to help



They are tagged in the original post :slight_smile:

I have exact the same problem with my Ortur Laser Master 20W. It focusses only to a line and cuts in different width depending on the direction it is going. This results in an extreme distortet engraving/cutting.
I contacted the gearbest support and it was a real farce. I sent them clear pictures and a detailed discription but the support wanted me to take a video of the problem.
Did some of you ever tried to make a sharp and detailied video of a laser focussing problem?
After back and forth a few times they still insisted on a video. I was finally able to make this video but got no response for few days. After I asked again for a response I got only this:
"Dear Tobias,

Thanks for your feedback.

Why the laser beam is not a point but a bar?
The optical source of this kind of diode laser, is a LD (laser diode), and the LD is bar-shape. So the laser beam is not a point but a bar, when it’s focused well.

Thank you once again for your understanding.

Best Regards

Gearbest Customer Service

So, no solution for the problem at all. It seems that I have to live with this crappy machine (although the problem is the laser. The rest of the engraves works just fine).


Well, it’s true that the output of a laser diode is elongated somewhat and not perfectly round, but what you are showing there is really awful.

Ask them why everyone else’s diode lasers provide an acceptable beam shape but theirs don’t…

I am a complete newbie with laser engraving, but am I right, that this can not be corrected by proper adjustment or settings?

Nope. There’s no settings or adjustment that will help that. You can check and make sure the lens is clean and not messed up, but I think that beam pattern belongs to a junk diode. I’d send it back for replacement or refund.

I’ve also posted this on the Official Ortur User Group and Ortur responded there.


In short, I had the laser too far from the piece and have to get it closer. They suggested 30mm, however, I need to get it to 10mm to get to a sharp enough point. This feels wrong so I’m checking to see if my laser module is defective (it doesn’t seem right to have to get it to close).

I have the same laser, but it focuses to a point. However, using the info you’ve uncovered, I raised my workpiece and now it focuses to a smaller point. Thanks. :grinning:

I have the same problem as you do now with ortur laser.
If you’ve found a solution, please let me know.

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