Ortur Master laser 2

I have an Ortur Master laser 2 and attempted to upgrade the firmware. I followed the instructions but now having problems getting my laser to work??? Any ideas??

Not really, without a little bit more about what you mean, exactly, when you say,

This post should help you understand what we need to best support you.

Update it again.
make sure you select the correct firmware for your machine.
Make sure you ‘unzip’ or ‘extract’ properly.(don’t assume it is just because the zipper disappears).
Don’t know what system you’re using,(would be handy to know)but if it’s windows, turn ‘off’ windows ‘security’.
then do the ‘drag and drop’ part.
Go to the ‘laser’ tab and select ‘devices’,(don’t use any that are showing if any) select ‘find my laser’.
That should be it .
Don’t forget to turn on your ‘windows security’.
Let us know how you get on…
(I had the same problem, my own fault) :thinking:

I’m using Windows! The laser use to go to ‘Home’ where the Ortur label and power switches are, but now ‘Home’s’ at the opposite corner?? If I press the ‘power’ switch for 5 seconds to try and get firmware disk to open, the laser just vibrates? Try to follow your guidelines to reinstall firmware update!!

Press for 5 seconds and then press the reset button while still pressing the power, they have to be done together.

I finally got the firmware upgraded! I had to close Lightburn while download & adding the firmware file to Ortur’s drive! Then followed the instructions after opening up Lightburn again & got everything done & the laser works perfect - now during a job if you ‘pause’, the laser now continues after pressing the ‘resume’ tab!!:+1:

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