PDF and SVG import not working properly

Hi, I have a problem importing PDF and SVG generated from KiCad. Unfortunately, a colleague does not want to work in Eagle, and I am trying to figure out how to import especially PDF files with a printed circuit board image (SVG and other formats also have the same problem). When the PDF file is created, it looks like this:

But as soon as I put the PDF into LightBurn, the whole image is messed up:

I would not like to import image files into Lightburn as I cannot generate high enough quality for accurate burning.
Thank you very much for your advice.

Take a look at this solution

LightBurn does not apply Line weight for vector lines in the same way that software for graphic design does.

When controlling a laser, the line weight is a function of speed and power.

I would probably lean toward image files.

The array tool in LightBurn is excellent for laying out connector pads.

That Lightburn result is exactly what I would expect from that image. White = foil, black = etch. Look at that massive white area and ask if it should be there. Lightburn can’t fix a bad PDF.

That said, it appears @RalphU has found a solution to your problem.

Being an electronics dude, I would be interested in learning what steps you are taking to create a PCB involving the use of a laser.