Pen Rotary Table for Fiber Laser

I am having issues getting my rotary table set up. This is a complete rotary table not a chuck with a jig attached. I finally found my steps per rotation which is 12,800. Here are the problems I am having:
1: The unit will not due one complete rotation
2: The unit will stop periodically and start rotating again.
3. Won’t return to zero
4. when i run a test with only one product (has slots for 24) it will laser the line then won’t turn the 360 degrees back to starting point.

I have looked through the site and found questions on table rotaries but they either don’t apply to mine or have homemade jigs attached to a chuck. This unit is strickley a rotary table and does not have a chuck head.

Thanks in advance for any help someone might have.

Hello, Tim
How about a video of what is happening.
Starting simple, enable rotary setting on rotary tools needs to be “off” when using the multiple marking feature.
How did you determine it is 12800?
Also, home made, with or with out chuck, it is still the same basic thing, lightburn > Controller board> driver> stepper motor.
Post the spec sheet for the rotary if you will. Belt drive, gear drive, or direct?

Thanks Al, I will post a video I didn’t know I could. I do have the rotary enabled so that might be part of the issue.

I figured out the 12,800 by looking at the step driver. I bought the rotary straight from China and it has nothing on it but a factory label attached. I asked the mfg and they just told me it’s a 57

It must drive the table directly? If that’s the case, does it rotate one complete rotation and back with the test button?

For all practical purposes, I think you need to think of it like a rotary… it will need to operate as a rotary…


No it doesn’t go all the way around it stops in different places all the time and it will rotate about half way then pause for a second then start rotating again.

Al it’s a direct drive

Is there a gear ratio between the stepper and the pen holders or is the pen holder directly connected to the motor?


The pen wheel is mounted.

Looks like a gear ratio type, as the motor isn’t directly under the center of the wheel…

This is a rotary, and you’ll have to use it that way… just dedicated…

I don’t think you are setup correctly…

This is a basic rotary setup… you can read over it… the question is what is the ratio.

The ratio is in question… Worst case you will have to count the teeth and compute the ratio…


Thanks so much for the info, I emailed the motor manufacturer yesterday with no response. So I need to find the gear ratio for the stepper motor? I looked at the driver and was able to figure out its steps per rotation at 12,800. I will do some more digging the rotary supplier hasn’t been much help.

Did the link help? I hope it explained how the ratio is applied…

Good luck


I haven’t tried yet. I was trying to get the Chinese to open up a little more on the motor for me. They did finally tell me the model of motor I’ll attach it. The red arrow points to it.

Is your driver internal to the laser, or external as part of the pen rotary package? If your driver is set at 12800 you would need to multiply that by your gear ratio. Just googling around common rotary tables are 1:4, 1:9 if gear reduction and 1:6 if belt drive reduction. Mine is 1:10 but it uses a worm drive reduction. So example my driver is set to 6400 so my “Repeat Marking” is set for 64,000

And double checked, mine goes all herky jerky when I have “Rotary Enable” on on the rotary screen when I try to use “Repeat Marking”

It’s internal to the laser, I was able to get the Chinese to finally tell me which motor. I attached it, it’s the red arrow.

Hey Al, I’m finally took it apart and the Chinese had it all wrong. It’s belt driven and the label is on the side of the motor. The model is actually a Nema 24 60 hs88. Here is the label I’m not sure I know what I’m looking at. I’ve also attached a picture of the gear on the end.

Can you count the teeth on both gears or measure the 2 diameters? That would tell you how much the ratio is. I dont get a direct match googling the 60hs88-3504ja08-d21-02 but I don’t see why running the motor at 12800 would be a problem. When you get everything else sorted out if it acts like it misses steps change it to 6400 or 3200 (More torque per step)
I run all my stuff at 6400 but like I said my table is 10:1 and my rotary is 6:1

Thanks Al, I will see if my calipers will fit up there to get a measurement on the larger one.

Sometimes it’s easier to mark the pulley and count the teeth…


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I was able to get it.

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