PLEASE HELP! Need help with G-code

Hi everyone again. I have managed to get through every single step, up until setting up the laser, I am confused alot, and would appreciate the help. Ultimately I am stuck at using the laser commands to turn on the laser. Please help, thanks so much.

Welcome! We provide documentation designed to help you set up. Start here: LightBurn Software Documentation, then continue through completion of the Simple Project sections, to get set up and familiar with the basics of LightBurn. Please update, letting us know how you are getting on. :slight_smile:

Setup - Common GRBL/GCode Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

well i followed every single step, and for whatever reason it seems to be running, only the laser is not powered on, therefore it is literally not engraving, though it is moving where it probably should be.

We can assist but need a bit more information and details to do so. This should help in understanding what we need and why.

I am using a macbook pro running catalina, and I also am using the previous trial version of lightburn, with an anycubic 3-D printer/engraver. To be entirely honest I am unclear on the controller, but believe that it is Marlin… I am also using the ethernet cord. I have literally followed every step in the documentation provided, and feel that I am struggling in the Gcode area, as i have not entered any codes. I don’t think I know what I am doing at all in that area. After following all the steps, my printer seems to be following the paths, on the project, but the laser is not on, and the project is blank of course. I believe I have gave all information, but if there is anything that you feel i am missing then please tell me.
****I am honestly brand new to this whole printer, and I don’t know anything at all but what iI have learned from here, and online in general. I really want to be able to master this, so appreciate any and all help. Thank you

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Did a little searching here on the forum. I found that this can be done, but will require a bit more work to get things set properly, and have the files generated work with your setup.

Work your way through this information, search here for more on AnyCube, then please let us know how you are progressing.

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