Possible cutting (line) error

I cut this logo out and noticed that the lines weren’t connecting to finish the cut. Maybe something with the program or maybe settings with my machine? Ruida controller 50w Chinese laser. 300mm x 500mm table.

Post up your settings using a screen grab of the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window and we can check them out.

My guess is you don’t have the min and max power settings correct. If you are trying to cut this out, set the min power closer to the max power setting to help complete the cut. To only mark the material, reduce the min power so you won’t get over-burn in the corners.

I have min power at 1

Yes, that will be exactly the problem. Your laser won’t fire until roughly 10% of your tube wattage. If you have a 100w tube, it would be 10%. A 40w tube is roughly 4%. This is a ballpark, so yours might be different, but it’s standard fare for glass tube lasers.

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Having ‘Min Power’ set to 1 is lower than your laser can fire. Set it just above the fire point for your setup. Try around 10 to 15 and adjust from there.

or…just read the comment from Oz. He types faster that I do. :wink:

I may have had one drink or two, but in a round about way… please explain min power if you wouldn’t mind. I read a post that was saying to have your min power at 1%. I cant quite pull it up at the moment but I figured the person knew what he was saying.

I have a 50watt tube

Min Power is used when your laser is at or below what’s called the “start speed” - IE, the speed at which it starts ramping power up to the Max Power setting. By default, on Ruida, it’s 10mm/sec.

Glass tube lasers need a certain amount of power before they start ionizing and producing a beam. This is a higher value for larger tubes. Setting Min Power below this threshold means that when your laser starts moving, and is still using the “Min Power” setting, you get nothing. As it speeds up and ramps the power up toward the “Max Power” setting, the tube fires and you get output, but your corners won’t cut because the laser has to slow down for them, and as it does, and comes close to stopping, the power ramps back down to “Min Power” again, and if it’s too low the tube stops firing.

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Perfect. Explains a lot. Thank you!

Just upped the min and adjusted a few things and it worked beautifully