Power scaling not working and staying consistent no matter the power output

So I’ve tried scaling the power and for the life of me cannot get my laser to use less power on the out put. I’ve tried a variety of different max power/ minimum power on both the Lightburn software and on the laser itself. The very first picture, the bottom right square is supposed to be the 10% power while the top left square is supposed to be 100% power. In person, the engravings are virtually identical in depth.

I’m kinda at a lost because I cannot get my laser to correspond with the power settings in the software. I bought this machine to mass produce leather patches and as the laser sits right now it’s just way to powerful for leather. It’s burning a 1/8 inch deep on hard wood on what’s supposed the lest amount of power in my power scaling test.

50w Chinese laser. Blue/ grey

Are you setting both Min Power and Max Power to different values? Power Scale is basically a scale between those two numbers, so if you set Min & Max power the same, Power Scale has no effect at all.

Yes! I’ve tried a bunch of combinations to no effect. I’ve min power anywhere from 0- 50 and max power being 100 down to 30. I went low on max power So I could at least see if it had an effect on what I was trying to do. Nothing really changed.

Thanks for the fast response oz! I’ve seen your name on this site quite a bit these past few days while reading and trying to tackle this issue.

Ignoring power scale, and just using the power settings, do you get different output? From the description you gave, it doesn’t sound like it. I would verify by running the stock software for a couple tests, but it sounds like you might have either a bad power supply, or something wired incorrectly.

OZ is the owner and main developer of LightBurn. You are getting support from the top dog himself.

Yes, I tried different power settings within Lightburn and it had no effect on any of the other tests I done. I’ll try the stock software and see. I’ve been loyal to Lightburn so this will be weird.

Hey so quick question Oz. When I set up the power scale and I hit preview is it supposed to shade according to power? As in the 100% box will be completely black while the 10% box is supposed to be a much lighter black? Because in the preview window all ten of my boxes are the same black.

If you have ‘Shade according to power’ ticked ON (green), then yes, you should see the shading as you can see in the post below.

I figured it out!!! I wasn’t sending the file over to the engraver even though it still engraved what I told it to. Now my problem is that it’s engraving a mirrored version of what’s on my Lightburn screen

Go to Edit > Device Settings and move the Origin corner to the same one your machine seeks out when you power it up.

Hi mine is doing the full power thing how can I sort it ?

You can define “it”. :slight_smile: You can tell us a bit more. You can provide troubleshooting information so we can help. This is why we are here, we want to be helpful, but we need you to tell more than you have.

Jumping in at the end of a long thread and providing no information about what you have, what you are wanting to do, what you have tried, nor the results beyond “full power thing” is not the best way for you to get answers to whatever your question is. Please review this:

I wasn’t hitting “send” to send my file to the laser engraver after I got done editing in lightburn. After you hit send I went to my engraver and found the file and selected it and all the power and speed settings where the exact same from Lightburn.

Make sure Min Power is set lower than Max Power - Power Scale works between these two values, so if they are both set the same, Power Scale will have no effect.

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