Problem with printout of large amount of Grouped objects


I hope you can help me.

I need to print 30x30mm tokens with scan, fast line, and through cut.

The sample comes out perfect, however when I put approx. 300 of those side by side the machine messes it up completely.

I tried to do with different orders but my desire one is to do by Group so machine does all layers of one object and then goes to the next so if something happens in the middle of the job not everything will be lost.

I will try to attach screenshots now

2024-07-08 10_59_06-LightBurn - LightBurn 1.6.03

Try the following options

Thanks, I will try that. I also need to do the layer order as I want to cut through at the end.

Everything looked good at the start but then after about 20th they started shifting up a bit.

EDIT: my optimization options are exactly as you shown on the screenshot above.

Is it maybe because of the fast cut?(80)

This may be one of those perverse cases where everything is correct and the controller is screwing up due to an overstuffed memory or communication problems.

Things to do:

  • Delete all the files stored in the controller
  • Use Send to put the entire file in the controller
  • Select the file and start it using the controller console

If that behaves correctly, then it was likely an overstuffed memory.

If it misbehaves the same way every time you run the saved job from the controller, then it’s likely the file was corrupted in transit from LightBurn to the controller.

If it misbehaves differently each time, then something else is wrong.

Is the controller connected over USB or Ethernet?

If USB, switching to Ethernet will eliminate most of the communication problems.

Note that you must ensure the network router cannot assign the same IP address to a different device. These threads may be helpful:

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Interesting problem, thanks for the photo. It’s similar to this from our troubleshooting page, but not quite. Is your bed and the wood you’re engraving perfectly flat?

Try this file, if the output has gaps you have to fine-tune your machine.
Flood_Fill_Test.lbrn2 (149.4 KB)