Problems opening .lbrn files

I seem to have started having problems following a recent update. I’m currently using Lightburn 1.0.02 but I have a feeling the problem started when the new .lbrn2 file extension was introduced.

Most of my Lightburn projects are in the old .lbrn format. If I try to open them from Windows File Explorer (with Lightburn not running) then open fine.

However, if I already have Lightburn open and try to open one of those from within the program itself, it just hangs. I can close the Lightburn window, but it carries on running in the background. Task manager is showing Lightburn using approx. 25% of the CPU and I have to “End Task” it to get it working again.

Annoyingly, it doesn’t happen 100% for the time but it’s certainly almost all of the time.

I suspect a fix would be to open every project and save it in the new format but I have 100’s and don’t really fancy doing that. Plus, that doesn’t fix the problem.

Is there a debug log I could check (and post) to help nail down the problem?

I see this problem is also in this thread Prior saved LB files not opening after update 1.0.02

I have tried rebooting Windows, and Lightburn appears to be a little better behaved for opening one or two files but then very quickly starts exhibiting the same behaviour.

The same problem also seems to be documented in this Lightburn upgrade, can't open files thread, but the thread auto-closed before any solution was reached.

All the files I’m trying to open are on the local hard disk, by the way.

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