Project burns lines and not image when using rotary on Xtool D1

When I try to burn on a cup horizontally I get a bunch of lines. However if I burn vertically (top to bottom of the cup) it seems to work fine. The rotary seems does turn the cup. I am using the XTOOL D1 with the rotary attachment on a Windows 10, 64 bit computer. My Lightburn software is version 1.104. I am very new to this and this is my first attempt at this so I’ve never been able to make a cup with this.

Please post some pictures of what you are seeing.
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I hope you get some traction and are able to move toward your desired outcome.

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I’m having the same issue. Were you able to find a resolution?

No not yet. I can only use the software that came with it, which is very plain. I really want to use it with lightburn

i was told by light burn it was due to my firmware update on the xtool d1 and that i had to revert the firmware to D1_firmware_V40.30.002.01B1_20220110.bin

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How do I do that

We have a support person from xTool helping out now. @Anwen

Their post here may help you with your firmware change.

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