Public Beta Release - LightBurn 1.7.00 for xTool S1 and BSL lasers

Manually change the scale for the galvos to 81.633%. (calculated by dividing 20 by 24.5).

The lens correction tool is not set to produce accurate numbers for BSL devices yet.

Awesome thank you Oz!

“Fill all shapes at once” does not seem to function, at least not for the 3D Sliced image mode (Gweike G2)

That’s expected. “Fill all shapes at once” uses the internal compositing engine, and that doesn’t work with grayscale images.

Ah, ok. Feature request ? It would go much faster (and all the other benefits of the “fill all shapes at once” radial) if it engraved all images at once instead of one at a time

For me, when I give the preview contour command and change the type of preview, the laser often gets stuck “so I think it’s the mirrors rather than the laser” in a position that is not the center, and there’s no other way but to turn off the laser and restart it. LightBurn freezes and then restarts. I work on Apple Silicon and Mr Carve M1 Pro. As for the preview, I’ve noticed that it needs to be completely redone and I don’t see any other major errors. I’ve had little time to respond to my post where the developers fixed the app crash when the same problem occurred.

I don’t understand what you mean by this statement. I believe you mean the “red dot outline” shown when framing is freezing when you change the type, is that right?

(Preview is when you press Alt+P and bring up the preview window. Framing is when you frame the job to show where the output will go on the material. These terms are very deeply set in my brain, so when I see them used with alternate meanings it gets confusing)

Are you using the most recently posted version of LightBurn?