Public Beta Release - LightBurn 1.7.00 for xTool S1 and BSL lasers

I come from GLASER (Easycad clone) but I cant seem to import the COR file.
I dont have bulge skew params, since they are not accurate and linear enough for my type of application.
My COR file is a 5x5 grid, but when I click the button, nothing seems to happen.
Is this implemented yet?

It’s not yet, no.

Can you attach your COR file from GLaser? Since we’re currently using their library, I suspect connecting the file up shouldn’t be too difficult.

It does not happen on my machine without a laser set up. It only happens on my machine where I have the Atomstack M4 set up. And today, for whatever reason… I’m no longer seeing it happen at all. I will have to get back to you on that if it rears it’s ugly head again.

And speaking of an ugly head being reared… I just spent 3 hours trying to track down open paths on an illustrator file exported as SVG (though it happens with AI files too).

If I make changes to the file, save it, delete the image in lightburn, then reimport it… It is NOT clearing everything. I blocked out entire portions of the image trying to narrow down where in the thousands of paths the open path was. Only to find that it was reporting 1 open path even with a solid block of color. Impossible. I had to create a new document and import it to get it to clear everything for that file and report correctly that there WAS no open path any more. I had already tracked it down and fixed it. I should have known something was up when my speed and power settings were staying the same instead of getting set to the defaults when I reimported the file. But I was too distracted trying to find an open path to let that register.

If someone deletes an image in lightburn it should not have things stuck in memory if you import the file again because it was most likely modified. At the VERY least it should be checking to see if the cached timestamp on the file is the same as what’s on the disk that it’s currently being asked to import and clearing to defaults if not.

I renamed them to .txt file so I can upload them. Its a 3x3 and 5x5

Does the 9 point calibration work for the Gweike G2 in Lightburn ? I have the 150mm lens, and it looks a bit weird. I set the bed to 150mm and the output to 140mm. However, it doesnt output anything close to 140mm. The values make no sense after calibration either.


150x150calibration2.cor.txt (3.8 KB)

150x150calibration20240621.cor.txt (2.1 KB)