Public Beta Release - LightBurn v1.6.00

Did you post the request in feature suggestions?


yes I did at - only 5 voters - guess a too much “niche” request :wink:

LightBurn (

thats the link for the vote :wink:

Don’t feel bad, can’t get this either.

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Thank you to add “clean whole image”, but sometime clean layers doubled.
Lightburn bug 3d.lbrn2 (257,2 КБ)

Why is this coming up?

Ultimately, because the version of 1.6.00 you are running is older than the release version of 1.5.06. The Beta versions don’t look at a Beta repository for newer versions. There is a newer Beta release if you go to the Public Beta folder and download that, which will make that message go away.

We are working to resolve Xtools compatibility issues and targeting the 1.7.00 release.

I’ve just posted an updated 1.6 version, and I believe this should now be fixed. If not, please try to describe the problem in more detail so I know what I’m looking for.


Lightburn bug 3d.lbrn2 (266,6 КБ)
Checked, dont understand but randomly doubled clean layers. 5 times in a first.
P.S. In a future if it possibe please correct the 3d engraving on the rotor. On a rotary you cant engraving multypasses, because it devides image into a parts.
And look to the polished 3d from this file :slight_smile:

Снимок экрана 2024-04-02 в 17.29.09

Just a question, where to change to landscape view?
(Workspace rotation)

Device settings…

The selected orientation could be a bit more highlighted, hard to see the difference…
Great feature, thank you!

Don’t think the Lightburn people have beta tested the mind reading option, yet … :crazy_face:


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Thats clearly in Alpha channel!

Thank you for this feature, it looks so much better!!!


I think you need to reload the device for this change to take effect. I’ll double check. It’s the kind of setting that you’d set once and leave there, not change regularly.

Edit: Yep, that was it. I’ve updated the code and will get updated builds posted.

I’ve attached two GCode files generated as examples - just a simple rectangle in absolute coords, on exported normal, and one in CNC mode.

Normal.txt (308 Bytes)
CNCMode.txt (316 Bytes)

Good lord, that’s a w-i-d-e monitor!

1920 x 1080 is standard HD and very common. My normal desktop res is UHD (2560 x 1440) and I’m probably on the lower side for some of the devs here (though I have two, side by side).

We do also run on laptops and mini PC’s, to make sure we know how things work on smaller screens.

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