Radiused coners on a box

How can I make radiused corners on a box?

Thanks, I had to get that window, I was not aware of the windows. I have it now. Thank you

Great, glad you got sorted.

  • Fun Fact - take a look at that same ‘Shape Properties’ window, when you have an image selected. You can manipulate and control the image output from there, changes in real-time, not requiring you to do these types of edits externally.
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  • Fun Fact #2, if you select a thing, then right-click and choose ‘Show Properties’ it will open the Shape Properties window if it was hidden, and bring it to the front.
  • Fun Fact #3, this is the same window used to benefit from using the ‘Power Scale’ feature in LightBurn. Great for setting up testing samples like these.

Next? :wink:

Hint? … Bueller?

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