Recovery of ransome ware file on my NAS and having weird calibrations

Last Jan/22 had my NAS files attacked with ransomware. I have just now recovered files and ready (rusty) to start again. Not sure if I re-calibrated correctly however I can burn a 1 inch square exactly.
When I "set laser position by clicking icon) the laser seems to go about twice as far as it should, move to left a little it goes twice as far and when I wnat to put it back where I started it goes well past the original point.
I use the Lightburn camera… it always was close to where I want the point but back in Dec it would shift more than the actual start point. I was away from Dec to Feb and found all my NAS files locked. I have recovered the files as it too a couple of months to recover and restore the files. But positioning the laser is driving me nutz and finally asking for help !
ALSO i see the image on the work surface appear to be ZOOMED in considerably compared to the image in the Camera Control Image… this I believe is the problem of minimum twice the distance laser heads moves when using the Set Laser Position icon.
How to fix this, I am trying everything I can think of.

This is what I get

It appears that this has been solved on your other thread.

It’s best not to double-up and split attention.