Relief Printing in a Single Pass

On this Trotec webpage, the claim is made that their machines “automatically regulate its performance using these grayscales and thus generates different heights in only one pass.

On that page, they even offer some sample files (which I haven’t tried yet – my laser cutter is down for some mods) “Graphic files for relief engravings.” will also provide a sample file if requested.

I don’t know what software they use on their machines (they SHOULD be using LightBurn) – or if such a feature is hard-wired into their hardware – but I wondered if LightBurn had any features / settings which worked especially well when trying to cut grayscale 3D depth map files. Speed? Power? Number of Passes? Material?

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LightBurn does not currently support the Trotec Family of laser systems. But this set of features is not unique to them. LightBurn, in combination with many laser systems, can achieve this effect.

Using the search, “grayscale 3D depth map” returned 3 links.

One, is a previous one from you,

And this on that goes into good detail.

Thunder Laser showed a great example of this at the ISA show last year, done with LightBurn:

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