Restart at stop point when connection lost?

Ortur 2 keeps disconnecting and I dont want to burn what is already etched. Is there any way to turn power back on and continue instead of going to home again.

Are you using a windows computer?

From the ‘Preview’ window, drag the slider to where you want to restart and select the ‘Start here’ button.

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Yes. With windows 10

You may want to look into this,

I went to preview pressed play moved to point it stopped and hit start from here but laser wont move says out side of box

Please show the exact message. I don’t understand this “out side of box”.

Have to ‘go to origin’ before ‘start from here’.

The start here button on my computer is greyed out. This is when you go into the preview window.

When opening the ‘Preview’ window, we show the entire job process, advanced to completion. We also provide a way to scrub or slide through, from start to end, with the ‘Play’ button and a slide bar (image) for “scrubbing” back and forth through the process.

The slider can not be all the way right, showing the completed job, for the ‘Start here’ to become available. You can’t “start” from the end. :wink: Scrub back away from the end to the exact place you want to Start, and you should see that button available. Click to open the options.

Thanks Rick that’s a really nice feature, I don’t suppose you could also include a stop at placeholder so you could pick just a small portion of your work to do?

Today, you can use the ‘Cut Selection’ option found in the ‘Laser’ window. Redirecting...

Cut Selected Graphics

This toggle switch tells LightBurn to only send the portion of your design that is currently selected. If you run a file on your machine and part of the design doesn’t cut all the way through, select that piece, enable this switch, and click Start to re-send just the selected part of the job. The placement of the part will not change.

Use Selection Origin

When used in combination with Cut Selected Graphics, the Use Selection Origin button tells LightBurn that you want the origin of the job to be calculated from only the parts that are selected, not the whole design. This is useful if you have many different shapes in a file, like a large selection of frames, but only want to send the one you’ve chosen, and want the origin calculated from just that selected item.

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Thanks again, I sometimes try to push a cut a little too fast and get some areas not cut through properly or slightly warped stock this I think will help :grinning: