Rotary on Xtool D1 scaling issues

When cutting or engraving on flat items, the scale is perfect. If I set the size of a “box” to 10mm x 10mm, that is exactly what comes out. But if I do the same thing on the rotary, it might come out 6mm x 20mm. the image or typeface are stretched. A mug will have a 140mm circumference, I set the design to be 135mm, click start and the design wraps around the mug 2 1/2 times. There has to be a setting off somewhere, but I have no idea what or where.

You probably need to recalibrate the axis for the rotary. Don’t forget to write down your old setting.

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Thank you for getting back to me. I saw in videos how the laser pointer offset was part of the software, mine was not and I had to set it my self. I say that as an example of settings that seems like they should be preset, but are not. If the issues with the rotary didn’t already exist, I would think I caused it, adjusting the offset. That being said, it seems to me a box isn’t checked or something silly like that is the issue, but I don’t know where or what it might be. I may not get the terms right, please forgive me. The issue I have is just with the rotary. So I’m not sure changing an axis will fix it. When I cut or engrave on anything flat, the end product is the exact measurements I entered. However if I take that the same image or type and send it to the rotary the size/numbers on the screen do not change, but I have not figured out a way to even start to guess how it will be skewed on the mug. I tried to engrave “LA Rams” on my work Mug. I set he total size of the “image” to 130 x 75, the circumference of my mug is 140 the height of the engravable space is 80, So it should fit. The finished image, well when I stopped it, was 145 x 60, it still had the m and s to go. The image on screen was not changed, it was still 130 x 75. And yes it was rotated for the rotary. The rotary works perfectly with other programs, but I honestly don’t like the others. I would rather do everything in LightBurn. I can’t keep wasting mugs, cups, glasses and water bottles guessing how I need to stretch and skew the image to get it to turn out right. I am afraid that if I recalibrate the axis for the rotary that the issue will affect flat cutting as well. I looked at the link you sent and I did not see where it addressed recalibrating the axis for a rotary.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Ok, you probably don’t need to. As your roller connects to the z-xis, not the y-axis. Did you do everything here:

The video was very helpful. I do not remember touching those settings, but mine weren’t even close. I had adjusted the values under those, the “not required” ones, but that didn’t help.
I ran a test before setting the number to what was said in the video, and my mug rotated 2 ½ times around. After setting the numbers to 360 and 17. I ran another test, this time it only rotated 2 times around. So I cut the “mm per rotation” in half to 180. That got me almost one full rotation. With just a few more test I now have it set to 195. That gives me just under 1 full rotation. It shouldn’t be noticeable (I hope).
Thank you again for all your help.

I was wrong. It now does 6 full rotations. I set it back to 360 and it did 12 full rotations. The width is staying to what I set it to, so that’s good.

OK, so let me clear up the last reply. With “mm per rotation” set to 360 as in the video, the mug made 2 full rotations during “Test”. I then ended up setting it to 195 mm per rotation, and the mug rotated just shy of one full rotation during “Test”. I then made a box 315mm x 80mm (the size of my mug). When I hit “Frame” the mug rotated 6 full times. When I again returned the settings to 360 mm per rotation as in the video, the mug rotated 12 full times. With that in mind, I set it to 32.65 mm per rotation, the mug hardly moves in test, but makes one full rotation in frame. The rotation issue is only in Lightburn. Laserbox and xTool Creative Space works perfectly, with no issues.

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I have the same problem, 128 mm per rotation still not enough.

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