Rubber band frame issues

Well, I made the oval and small box. Then I went in and did the box frame, worked well. Then I went and did the rubber band frame, it didn’t, go well, but didn’t hit the rails either so I tried to run the cut. The cut went but it went over the same path 4 or 5 times. I had only selected 1 time around the project. I went back to the oval and highlighted it and dragged the oval away from we’re it was only to see another oval underneath the one i moved. I then selected that oval and moved it too, on.y to see yet Al other oval under that one. You get the idea. Hasn’t happened since getting the acceleration rates q]squared away. But also don’t believe one has anything to do with the other, mind you, what do I know, lol

I’ve seen that behavior when I’ve managed to inadvertently duplicate a shape. It’s not obvious when there are two or more copies stacked on one another. I seem to be really, really good at duplicating shapes accidentally. This will also mess with fills in what appears to be strange behavior. When I suspect I’ve duplicated something I select and then delete, if the shape remains, well… If the shape disappears Ctrl Z works a charm.

I can be a bit. If you take a closer look, that duplicate will ‘darken’ the view slightly. In the following, the top rectangle has a duplicate directly on top of itself. The bottom one does not.


You can quickly delete these using ‘Edit’->‘Delete Duplicates’ from the menus.

Not that strange, it is working as designed. :wink:

And here is my example, using a circle. From left to right, the first is a set of 2 circles (original and a duplicate directly on top). Note there is no fill produced for that set. Moving to the right, I copied the first set and then moved the duplicate slightly further to the right, then repeat until you see the 2 completely filled circles at the far right.

Lastly, you may be inadvertently hitting the hotkey for ‘Duplicate’ (Duplicate Ctrl + D ⌘ + D) and that is why you are getting these duplicates. :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right on all counts. Though these nearly 72 y/o eyes on a high res display often have trouble discerning the "slight’ darkenig. I’m not complaining, except about my declining eyesight.
And, learned something new about deleting duplicates. And, regarding “working as designed,” yep, figured that out a while ago; it makes complete sense. I was just reflecting on the various errors I’ve made over time… Sometimes the obvious issues are less obvious to a newer user. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rick,

Makes perfect sense for sure. I’m sure that’s exactly what I did; however, don’t recall at all. Neither here nor there, lol

Onto the next adventure in learning Lightburn!

Next projects are rotary and camera. I want to be able to go back over a project if I’ve removed it from the bed and need to go over it again for some reason.

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