Ruida ACS iPhone App... if you’re bored

A novelty I suppose, or if you really wanted to get that wireless pendant well, now you don’t need to: RuiDa ACS on the iOS AppStore

It works if you are using your Ruida over Ethernet and your phone and laser are on the same subnet.

Just know you need to exit the application and reopen it if you reset the controller via your phone (to reestablish communication).

And the pictures will help you navigate to English if you need that:

True Story

The manufacturer of our machine included this in our package and listed it as a selling feature. They sent us a video of our machine being used by the phone app. Still dealing with the insurance and replacing the damaged parts before we can try the app. Thank you for the visual on how to get to the English menu


I’ve got it and have used it some. The really nice thing is that it gives you 3 different jog speeds when moving x and y.

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