Ruida Controller Settings Not Accessable Through LightBurn

I was browsing through some of the Ruida controller settings inaccessable through the HMI and only available through RDWorks.

The following Ruida controller configuration settings are ones I have taken note of that are not available through the LightBurn UI. Items marked with a :crab: (yep a crab) are those inaccessible even from the HMI. Is it possible to expose these setting through the machine settings interface in LightBurn?

:crab:Cut Parameters : Key Setting (I do not know what this is for)

All of the feeding parameters

Homing Parameters : Z Home speed, U home speed, Back Positioning Point (not sure what this is yet)

Go Scale Parameters

Other : Array Processing

:crab:Other : Blow Type

Return Parameters : Return Position (all options), Docking Point Specifications

:crab:Focusing Parameter: Focusing Type
Focusing Parameter: Enable Focus Function (Note Ruida’s Logic on this is reversed), Material Thickness


:crab:Working Speed Parameters: Key Fast Speed, Key Slow Speed
Working Speed Parameters: Z Work Speed, U Work Speed (No clue what these are for and they’re not the same as Max Speed)

:crab:Rotating: Test (sets rotary axis rotating speed?)

:crab:Special Parameters (all)

Soft PLC / Lamp Config (I think these are superficial check boxes anyway - if you want a stack light, I believe the wiring is CN1 Pin 4 Status for “Job Running”, Pin 3 Out 1 for “Machine is Idle”, Pin 2 Out 2 for “Alarm”

I grow tired suddenly of reconciling this any further. :slight_smile: Hope I helped.

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Which controller do you have, and which version of RDWorks?

Some of these are presets or software-only settings, not machine settings, which is why they don’t show up on the HMI. The “Key setting” for example is just a bunch of presets for speed & accel as far as I know.

Feeding parameters are for the U axis, and those are enabled in Tools > Feeder setup.

Z and U homing speeds should be exposed in the per-axis settings, though I’d have to check.

Go Scale mode is a software setting that tells the software to generate a different frame - either with the laser on, or just firing on the corners.

Blow type is only supported by specific firmware (probably the new 6445).

  • Cut Parameters : Key Setting (RD Works Preset Values / Not Controller Realted)
  • Feeding Parameters (this one is hard to reconcile so I have included images comparing RDWorks : LightBurn : HMI)
    I made an attempt but I can't even reconcile the RDWorks options to the controller HMI. Plus, I don't use feeding. wink
  • Homing Speeds
    While the ability to enable or disable exists, the homing speed is not exposed for any axis (X, Y, Z or U)
    (Back positioning point is the setting that defines where the head parks after a job is complete)
  • Go Scale Parameter (yes, different framing actions):
    When a file is sent to the controller's memory or is loaded from USB, this setting on the Ruida HMI affects how the operator may frame the job (via the HMI frame button).
    • Close Laser - Framing occurs through head movement only
    • Open Laser - Framing occurs and while the head is moving, the laser is firing at the defined speed and power setting (shown on the HMI)
    • Corner Dot - Framing occurs and while the head is moving the laser is not firing except when the frame reaches a corner (where the laser then pulses the corner with the defined max power shown on the HMI)
    • Go Scale Blank - An additional amount of space provided outside of the actual frame
  • Blow Type
    Correct, although I am able to toggle the setting (and it persists) the actual effect / change is not experienced on my old firmware (6445G 15.01.10)
  • Focusing Parameters
    Maybe the most helpful setting that could be explosed here would be to enable or disable auto focus (again noting the logic is reversed on the controller i.e., to use auto focus, Enable Focus = No laughing
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