Runaway Z axis after Z offset

I have been experimenting with laser focus using the Z offset function. I first tried the Focus test and liked it, so of course I designed my own focus test for my laser. [130/80 watt 1300x1800- Ruida 6445] I am now having problems with other files, even with the Z offset cleared I still get undesired Z movement in several layers that I have tried. I have tried restarting everything and can only avoid it by opening a new instance of LB beside the two I had open. I am not sure how the layer characteristics follow the layers to different files. Or if there is a way to clear all layers of all changes? I really like the focus test that I designed [instead of a ramp test] but…

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Are you loading existing LightBurn project files, or importing vector data / images without their own settings?

LightBurn can reset the layers for each new file if you set it that way, but it doesn’t do that by default, so if you’re just loading vector art, or you’ve never had the Z controls enabled before, things might not be set as you expect.

Yep- I design mostly in a Graphics program [FlexiSignPro] and save as .ai in a file which I import into LB. I really like not having to go back and forth as much when a minor change is required- LB rocks. And yes, I am just getting into Z controls and all their possibilities. And I now have 3-4 copies of LB open so my co-workers can run the laser when I am AWOL. Lots of confusion- I will try to sort this out with the info you have given me. This new laser is 2x the size of my old 1300x900 and a lot of things must be done differently. Thanks Gene

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