Sculpfun S9 not connecting to Lightburn on MacBook Monterey

Hi Azzy,
I’m glad you asked because I did find a solution, well I not sure it’s a solution or just luck, but it worked for me.
I download an other laser software to see if it could find my laser, it is called Laserweb4:

Then I reinstalled the V1.5 CH340 driver:

I opened Laserweb4, connected my Sculpfun on it following this video (you will have to try all the ports until it connects. Mine looked like this:

With this confirming that it connected:

Then I quit Laserweb4, started up Lightburn, created manually my laser because it would still not find it automatically, you can watch this video:

Make sure that on Lightburn the right USB is connected, mine is this one:

And it finally worked !!

I hope it works for you too, it can get quite frustrating.

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