Smapmaker 10W laser camera alignment

Hello all. First time posting. I’m attempting to align my camera on my Snapmaker 10 W laser, and running into an issue. I do not have direct connection to my machine as it is 40 feet away from my computer. I realize that LB does not officially support wireless setups such as mine, and that where I’m hoping to get help.

I have successfully gone through a complete wireless camera calibration. I’m missing the final step though. I need to be able to engrave the camera alignment pattern on my machine via bringing that pattern into the workspace. I am unable to send it directly to the device through the camera alignment wizard. I am looking to engrave the pattern as a stand alone file, then enter the camera alignment wizard and skip the engraving step. After that the process seems pretty simple.

This is where I reached out to support to find a complete lack of help, even after offering to prove that I bought the product. I was told what I had done is not supported, before they just stopped responding. Just Just ignored my inquiry about acquiring a useable engraving file for this alignment wizard. Any help on what direction I should take? Do I even need that specific engraving file, or are there certain bits that I need to copy, such as specific points being a certain distance away? Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated! So close to being able to completely wirelessly laser!

I’ve taken the liberty of moving your post into Community Laser Talk. Here you will find other ‘more inventive’ folks who may be able to help you get to your goal.

I can’t recommend or advocate for remote functionality but I can refer to posts that I’ve read. I’m not certain that I can help but there may be some historical stuff that may be of interest.

May I ask what type of Fire extinguisher you own? CO2 does the least damage to your Laser engraver. Dry powder is an excellent last resort if you’re protecting property or people.

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