Snapmaker Artisan

i have the new Snapmaker Artisan.
I connected Artisan via USB and seems to work.
Power and moving is working.
What is not working is speed.
I input mm/min.

Please help me.
Kind regards

This seems to be saying two different things. Can you better describe what is happening versus what you expect to happen?

Be prepared to post additional information like screen shots, etc.

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i want to print with 4000 mm/min put the speed of laseri ng is not 4000, just much slower.
So the speed i write in lightburn comes not to the Artisan.
Power rate (10%, 20% and so on) comes right to the laser.
Sorry for my bad english.

Kind regards

Hi Reinhard,

Can you please enter in the console;

Then post the results here.


echo:Unknown command: “$$”

Kind regards

You see the result?

Can anybody help me please?

Here you can see: Power is working, but speed is in every row the same…

The speeds are breathtakingly fast, particularly for a diode laser, and its maximum speed is much lower than you think.

Switch to mm/min:

Edit → Settings → Display and Units

Then run the material test again with speeds from about 100 mm/min to 1500 mm/min, which should allow your laser to use them.

Okay i try, thanks

I have set this before

The Material Test ran with speeds using mm/sec.

The Material Test speeds use the units set in Display and Units, so those settings have changed between the two photographs you showed.

With the units set as in your last picture, another Material Test should show speeds in mm/min.

However, you must re-enter the numeric values after changing the units, because LightBurn converts them to produce the same speeds in the current units: 100 mm/sec will become 6000 mm/min, which is probably not what you want.

Snapmaker says max engraving speed is 100mm/sec

The speeds listed in your material tested ranged from 1000 - 3500 mm/sec. The listed max of 100 mm/sec is likely ambitious in itself but based on the range of speeds in the material test you were likely topped out in terms of speed for every row which explains the output you see.

This was a test with the right letters from Speed.
The test above i change speed but not the letters

Kind regards

Can you first confirm that you can modulate laser power? If you use the Fire button in Move window, can you change the power % and go from no light to a more intense light?

Separately, also in Move window, are you able to change jogging speed and get different actual speeds?

Generally speaking issues tend to be more with ability to modulate power than they do ability to modulate speed.

Yes i can confirm both

If both work independently, what exactly is not working?

Try validating speed:

  1. Draw a 100x100 mm square
  2. Set speed to 1000 mm/min
  3. Set power to 0%
  4. Time the job while running

The job should take about 24 seconds + traversal time. What is the actual time?

It works now thanks a lot!!!
Problem was myself :smirk:
Speed too low, power too high, so everything was burned…

Please request the system settings from the engraver.

To do this, when connected with LightBurn, enter the following requests from the engraver,
pressing enter after each one.

Please copy and paste the reports all at once into a reply here.

The dark edges in your first test are caused by the cornering algorithm and show that you are travelling far above the intended speeds. My first tests looked like this. I would like to compare the tested speeds here to what the engraver is set for internally. I enjoy what manufacturers claim the top speeds are but it’s good to know what the technical people have selected for the maximum engrave speeds.

This is a very interesting machine. I hope we can learn more.