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curious, I have been doing as much reading and video watching as I can and I’ve noticed one thing that I don’t get. I see people saying they are cutting at speeds in the hundreds mm/min, the few test burns I’ve done speeds are in the thousands mm/min, am I missing something? Nasum A5 Pro

Please clarify which setting you are using. I use the CO2 settings for both lasers, I have the AtomStack branded (likely the exact same company) A5 “pro” and a 60 watt CO2 laser.

You used both “cutting” and “burning” and they are different. With air assist on the A5 “pro” module I have to use around 10 mm/sec or 600 mm/min for cutting. For burning or engraving it’s much faster, around 60 mm/sec or 3600 mm/min.

Please confirm your settings and what you are trying to achieve.


I am just very new and learning and wanted to make sense of the differences before I do actually try to accomplish more in depth projects, so basically the lower speeds in the hundreds are more for cutting and higher speeds for engraving? thank you so much for the response, might one day keep me out trouble!

With a diode laser I really believe you will want to be in the hundreds of mm/ min range

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I did this at 3000 mm/min with 60% power, it’s just scrap kd soft wood

Check out these posts and files.

I’m super new here, but this link has helped me generate test grids quickly for different materials.
When I open the file I flip it around horizontal axis, as well as remove the large test and reduce the rest of the text to 4mm. I hope this helps!

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thank you, this is a great community I appreciate all the help, this all made a lightbulb go off in my head realizing it was just me being not too bright, when I changed to co2 in the settings that’s where I realized I was reading everything backwards

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I personally don’t understand why anyone would use mm/mm and not mm/sec. I use it for both, it’s just easier with two machines.

No problem! If you search you’ll find almost anything you need. Go to the Lightburn website and watch use their tutorials and you’ll be just fine.

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