Squares and circles not complete

have converted my over size K40 to Ruida control and very pleases as to how easy and straight forward it was., was cutting full squares but now as per pic !!
Just tried a sample engraving ( Norton white tile ) and am very pleased with result
Thanks for any advice !!

Is “min” power set to 0 in your layer settings? If so, turn it up. If it overburns the corners instead then turn it back down some until you find its happy spot.

Thanks Hank, will try that tomorrow… :grinning: :grinning:

As always, reading through the documentation is a good way to “get up to speed” more quickly.
Here’s a bit that explains about min & max power settings.

Max Power

This is the maximum percentage of power that the laser will produce during the cut.

Min Power

For DSP devices (not GCode based controllers) this is the minimum percentage of power that the laser will produce during the cut. On Ruida machines, this is power setting that will be used during a cut when the machine slows down to reverse direction, or make a sharp corner. You should normally set this number to just above the threshold where your laser fires. Setting it the same as Max Power means the laser will not change power output as the speed varies, which will result in a poorer quality cut, particularly on thinner materials.

Please note: Ruida controllers have a “Start Speed” value in the controller that is the point where they start ramping power from Min to max. Below that they just use min power. If you’re cutting slow, set min/max to the same value.*

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This is something I made that I thought would help explain it (but after realized that the topic and details of this min / max on Ruida can be really confusing):