Starting stream ALARM: Soft limit On or near line 2:

New to the software . I was using for a few weeks trouble free then had to disassemble and move my setup. After setting up i get the following error "Starting stream
ALARM: Soft limit
On or near line 2:
I followed the starting from absolute coordinates setup and still get the error. The file I am loading was used previously without errors.
I can home the machine, move to a user coordinate and jog the machine where ever i want to . Once i load a path and try to frame i get error . I also get invalid Gcode ID:99

Any help is appreciated . Thank you Freddwhy

In LightBurn, with everything on and connected open the Console window and type the following:
then press enter.
Then type:
then press enter.
then type:
then enter:
then type:
then enter.
Copy and paste those Four reports into a reply here.

Invalid Gcode ID:99 could be caused by a communication issue with LightBurn through the USB cable or it could be a GRBL version choice.

Another user reported an inconsistency in the firmware settings.

feel free to copy and paste error messages and surrounding info from the Console window too as that can also assist in Troubleshooting.

Hey John, I think this Topic is essentially a dupe of this one:

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