Step Size issues- movement larger than expected

Hi All, relatively new to this laser engraver world, and looking for some help. I bought a Chinese cheapo with a Arduino Nano controller. Originally it was recommended to use with Benbox, which found did not work for me. So I flashed to GRBL 1.1f. I installed Lightburn as it looks to be good software and after a driver, got the two communicating. So here is present issue:

  1. will not home- maybe because no limit switches?
  2. Step sizes seem incorrect- Meaning i jog and it seems to move much farther than what is indicated.
    I setup a basic circle to cut which was 35mm diameter. When i ran the job, It starting cutting what looks like 10 times that amount and soon ran into the rails.

I am assuming that the step sizes are not correct, but do not see a way of adjusting for that in light burn.
Do i need to create a custom GRBL firmware for my machine?
Any help and guidance would be appreciated.

  1. The Home command, when issued, tells your machine to seek the limit switches to establish a repeatable origin. Without limit switches and homing enabled, issuing the home command will give you an error.

  2. Read
    and How are steps calibrated?
    You can edit the actual step length settings in the Edit => Machine Settings dialog in LightBurn.

The problem is that the firmware update also erases the factory values so you have to remember to save them beforehand and then restore them.

I had the same phenomenon when I updated my machine from 0.9i to 1.1f: the distances covered were multiplied by 10.
Just change the values $100 and $101


Thanks will check it out