Support for Ruida Metalcut Functionality

How can one use lightburn with support for air and gas assist as well as the other functions eg. punch settings (punch time, punch delay ect.)?

Thank you

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LightBurn does not currently include support for metal cutting features. I don’t have any controllers at this time that support it, so I’d have to do some experimenting with the software to see if I can add those functions. Only 5 people have voted for the feature request you added, so it doesn’t seem like something that many people will use.

Not sure where I can add a vote for this feature, but I’d throw my name on the list of users who would make use of it’s function. Certainly not very common I imagine but would definitely be a treat sometime down the road :grinning:


I also purchased lightburn to run with my Ruida 6332M mix cutting system. The option is absolutely essential.

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