Text stretched on rotary chuck

I have an xtool 20w, I am trying to make glass beer mugs. I have done this in the past, but I can’t figure out why it is stretching the letters, and making them backwords. I never had to mirror before. I have attached my file.
VOLLEYBALL 2023 MUGS GLASSES 11VB.lbrn2 (836.3 KB)

Make sure your xTool’s firmware is up-to-date, and that the mm per rotation setting matches xTool’s specification (128 for chuck rotaries):

You should also enable ‘Mirror Output to Rotary’, and make sure your Object’s diameter is entered accurately.

Thank you. The instruction helped with mirror and rotating. It is still stretching SOME of my text not all. Any suggestions?

The text is supposed to be 2 inches wide and it is stretching to 5.2 inched wide.

Is it still only some of the text? Are you working with a tapered object?

Please share a photo of the result you’re getting.

VOLLEYBALL 2023 MUGS GLASSES 11VB.lbrn2 (844.7 KB)

The one that has blue in the mug, is the old one I did in Jan no issues. the one with black is stretched to 5.2 inches should be 2.

Thank you - it looks like everything is being stretched. In addition to making the changes in the instructions I linked, did you check to make sure that your xTool’s firmware is up to date? And did you verify that your object’s diameter is input correctly?

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