The move box will not move my x,y,or z

Using a 3018 pro.and LB 0.9.09. Seems the move diolog box will no longer move my x, y and z all the way. The x will move only a few inches forward and back, the y will do the the same. The z will not move at all sometimes and at others it will move very slow and keep moving till it hits the stops. If and when it moves, I can sometimes stop the movement by clicking on the home icon. LaserGrbl, easel will work. The only way I can position me x,y and z is by using the offline controller. Seems that LB worked before. Don’t recall ever having this problem before.

Install 0.9.09 again, over your existing one. It’s been patched to fix this.

That seems to have fixed the problem. I had downloaded the update when it popped up on screen but did not install because it was the same version number., Thanks!

I might need to make the wording more explicit, but it does say, “An update is available for your version” - I’m trying to avoid changing filenames because it means I have to edit a lot more links.

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