The Rock on Ceramic Tile

Norton White Tile Method
Nortons method for etching white ceramic Tile or Glass or Cups or Plates



will reduce “Blacks”


For Co2 starting point is 30-60 mm/min (slow it down for reaction to take place) approx 15-30% power…run tests on a tile

You’re beam MUST be pinpoint focused

1…Prepare Photo …many methods available…(LightBurn now has photo prep under shape properties)

2…set size of photo to size you will laser on tile

3…set DPI to around 300 (this really depends on the size of your Laser Beam)

4…clean white tile with Lacquer thinner

5…paint tile / Glass Flat White…allow to dry (one light coating should do)

6…fine focus Laser beam (for Diode)

7…pick Image Mode to use ( I prefer Jarvis Dither and have had some success with Stucki Dither…Available with LightBurn software…this preference takes some trial runs and documentation …if preDithered use LightBurn “Passthrough”

8…for my 2.5 watt diode…speed 1200 mm/min…power 85% (my S-value in LightBurn =255) Line Interval = 0.085

9 takes approximately 50-70 minutes to complete

10…clean off all paint with Lacquer Thinner…

11…place felt pads on bottom to prevent scratching



Have you covered your whole house in tile yet? I’m curious to see how big that tile pile is.

Down to my few…and am locked down for another month…most will end up in garbage…do it to keep sane and challenge

Oh. Well surely there’s a better use than the garbage for them? I don’t have any ideas though.

I did make a beer table in garage with photos from past 6 decades
Plus a wall holder in basement shop


Yeah, that’s a great idea. It might even be cool to do a themed backsplash for your sink, and actually apply the tile to the wall.

Don’t think the Boss would approve…lol


Do you sell these pieces to support your habit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

If not you should! Maybe you can sell them on Facebook Marketplace

Have you done any projects involving multiple tiles to create one image like this
image image



wow …thats nice you sell these…no one up here wants to buy…most go in garbage…

I made a beer table from old skids for garage…of my past 69 years…and a display in basement shop

what program do you use to do multiple

You’re just rastering photos, right? You could probably do it with The Gimp. I would do it in Photoshop just because I know what I’m doing there.

It’s easier then that

I would love to see what you come up with @Bulldog

If you hit it out of the ballpark I want credit!



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lol…but aren;t you using my method to etch tiles,

The samples above are not mine. I have not done any using your styles engraving. My laser (still not here yet) can’t fire @0.75 watts

I was giving you an idea … I did not say this is what I’m doing. I misread your question that asked what program I was using. I gave you the link to help you with your quarantine boredom.

You know how I feel about your awesome talent.



Thank you…great idea…down to two tiles,and two pieces of wood and at LEAST another month of isolation…may have to complete bathroom reno I started last :+1: :+1: :+1: year before I got Laser…lol

Really impressive work I’ve been following the topic for quite a while.

However, I am not yet sure which paint this (from Germany) could work with, maybe someone has experience here?

Many thanks

We may have to start a “go tile me” instead of “go fund me” for Bulldog so he can keep sane and keep the photos coming.

Will Home Depot deliver?

Home depot here no longer carry 4 inch tiles …plus the $$$ because of weight