Thoughts after updating to 0.9.21

Today I updated Lightburn from 0.9.20 to 0.9.21.
My system is Win 10, Neje 2s max, GRBL 1.1f

Few things that I noticed, that wasn’t an issue in 0.9.20:

  1. LB is loosing connection A LOT! I spend 3 hours today on a job that usually takes 30 minutes.
    (I have a great cable and option for USB sleeping in WIN10 is switched off, obviously)

  2. After job is done LB doesn’t finish it properly. Countdown is still running, until I hit STOP, after that laser doesn’t respond and I need to disconnect USB cable and restart LB.

  3. Periodically new window, that we see during work (one with speed and power increasing), doesn’t switch off after a job (LB restart is needed).

  4. When laser is disconnected after a job COM port doesn’t disappear. LB is still thinking that laser is connected (restart needed).

  5. Rather more often than not, after connecting USB cable, LB shows connection through COM port, says that the laser is ready and at the same time console says waiting for connection.

So for now I’m downgrading to 0.9.20
Hope this post will be somewhat helpful to you guys?

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i’m having the same issues. also windows 10. mini gerbil controller k40 laser. any help or advice welcome

I’m having even more problems after updating to 0.9.22.

What more do I experience,beyond what I described in the first post:

  1. Laser does not connect at all, it takes multiple restarts of LB and the laser for both to agree.
  2. Busy status while homing stays on when homing is finished ( restart required and point 1 again)
  3. Sending laser to a position button does not work at all. Laser starts from home position (if after 20 min of fighting I’ll drag it there) and as soon as it starts the job it stops. (which leads to restart and point 1 and 2)

Generally my laser cannot be used at the moment properly. Using LB is frustrating beyond expression (especially if you have a deadline for your work agreed with the client). I’m fighting it and can’t do my job correctly.
Not to mention that it destroys material, which cost money :frowning:

20 minuts later…
Downgrading to 0.9.20 didn’t help, all the problems are still there
I’m guessing it’s some preferences that are still somewhere from higher versions.
but it’s beyond my knowledge.
I’d really appreciate some help

Same position here after upgrade. Struggling to connect via ethernet using 9.21 & 9.22. Will go back to 9.20 to try.

Friends, if you come from a working version of LightBurn and it does not work for you with a new version, then go back to the last working version. All new and old issues are wrapped up in each update, this does not make troubleshooting easy for the LightBurn team. A completely different thing is, if I have a fixed agreed delivery time, I could not dream of tinkering with a well-functioning system. You also have the option of running several different versions on one and the same computer … what’s the problem?

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You are using a Ruida controller connecting with Ethernet, and the original poster is using a diode laser connected with a serial cable - you are having very different issues that are both “connection problems”, but not at all the same.

Unless you have the same hardware, connection method, and operating system, please start a new thread - it’s much easier to figure out what’s happening when it’s not a ton of people saying “same issue here” when they actually aren’t. Not a personal dig or anything, just a request to help me keep sane. :slight_smile:

What does it say in the console window? Have you chosen a COM port?

You have a NEJE Master, and they use a very highly customized (and often broken) port of GRBL that is not at all standard, and has been troublesome in the past. Having said that, check in Edit → Device Settings and tell me what the ‘DTR Enable’ button is set to?

Try changing that setting and restarting the software - some devices need this enabled, and others will not function at all if it is on, and there is no way for us to know which is which, unfortunately - this is because Arduino based controllers use this pin from the COM port to reset the machine, while the actual standard use of this pin is to tell the controller that the computer is ready to communicate - it is incredibly stupid and short-sighted of controllers to use this pin for this reason, but it’s too late to change.

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Just a thought:

I never update anything unless I have a reason to believe it will fix a problem I am having.

I hate that Windows OS doesn’t really give me that option…

LightBurn updates generally include a considerable number of bug fixes, along with new features. Usually it’s the new features that are troublesome. In the 9.21 release, we had our normal beta test group using it continually throughout development, and then had an extended “early access” group of about 100 users all using it for another week or so, and fixed everything mentioned during that time.

That said, we have over 60000 users now, and the number of possible computer, controller, and machine configurations means it is simply impossible for us to test every possible combination of systems and settings that users might have. Things will occasionally cause a small subset of users some trouble, and when that happens we fix and do narrow, targeted patch releases to address those specific problems.

It is both foolish and shortsighted to think that a handful of “it broke when I updated” posts will be the common experience - the users who update and have no issues at all don’t post to say that, only the ones who have an issue do, so you’re getting a very one-sided impression of the “trouble” of each update - in practical terms, the critical bug in 0.9.21 affected 6 users, or 0.01%, and all previous releases are available and can easily be re-installed.

It’s also worth noting that a decent number of the “broke when I updated” posts are just coincidence. People forgetting to plug in a power supply, a Windows update that happened around the same time, etc - Everyone assumes that since they updated the app it has to be that, and it’s quite surprising how often it’s something completely unrelated - I’d ballpark that at anywhere from 20 to 40%.

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… try Linux Ubuntu or my favorite Mint, updates here feel almost like with Mac OS, i.e. you hardly notice or can simply turn it off without the risk of the devil being loose. :wink:
At Mint, however, my camera does not work in LightBurn - I can live with that until Adam from LB finds a solution.

When I start a burn it stops after some time ( from 5 s to 2-3 min of work). Console doeas not say anything beyond broken stream (like below - it just sops midway)



Starting stream

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Layer C24

Yes I did choose a COM port (prior to the problems, after i connected laser to the computer, LB was properly finding COM port on it’s own. Now sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. From time to time it starts a job even that the COM port is not chosen).

I understand that Neje uses broken ports. I don’t think it broke by chance during an update of LB. (Everythink was working fine before update - even 4 hours jobs were not causing problems)

DTR is switched off. (I never used that function before.)

I tried to do some jobs with DTR eneabled and there is no difference, it stops. sometimes after a minute and sometimes after few seconds.
LB after homing stays busy, like it doesn’t refresh its own status at all. ( i wrote about it last time)

After plugging laser in, it says that it’s ready although console says ‘waiting for connection’ (as on the picture)

and often LB shows status 'busy", but nothing is happening and action (for example homing) was already finished. (the same thing happens when it stops mid job, status stays ‘busy’ and in the console you can see nothing beyond what i posted at the top of the post).

Maybe Linux is a good idea. nevertheless i/m working on Windows for many years and mostly it’s stable. Also I’m using a lot of software that is not ported on Linux.
I do understand that I’m minority here with an issue, nevertheless i do have an issue an I’m glad that we are trying to find where it’s hiding.
Anyway if I have to I’ll do a full reinstall of the system. It’s always a drag so I’d love to avoid it. :smiley:

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